Gov. Approved Recruiting Agency
Register under Department of Labour Licence No. 322/059/60
Wednesday, July 24, 2024 / 01:51:38 PM
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The employing company should send the following attested documents in order to get approval and permission from the Nepal Government, Ministry of Labour to recruit manpower to the said company through publishing vacancy advertisements in National Newspapers. 

Power of Attorney;

Authorizing “Florida Recruitment Service Pvt. Ltd. “to be true and lawful attorney and agent in Nepal.

Demand Letter;

Addressing to “Florida Recruitment Service Pvt. Ltd.” Mentioning number of workers required in each category with salary, duty hours and other benefits. 

Employment Contract;

Job Offer Agreement for the candidate provided by the company showing salary and other benefits including food, accommodation, transportation, leave facilities, medical facilities, insurance and air passage etc.

Mutual Agreement;

Agreement between employing company and "Florida Recruitment Service Pvt.Ltd.", briefing the terms and conditions applicable to both the parties.

Letter of Guarantee;

Addressing to the Director General, Department of Labour, Nepal, providing guarantee that the workers will be working as per the agreement provided.


Besides above documents, some additional documents are required from below mentioned countries to recruit Manpower from Nepal;

Visa Slip. (Inquiry Visa) 
Consulate Authorization 
Commercial Registration 
Attested by Nepal Embassy  
KDN approval (from Labour Ministry) 
Translation letter (from Labour Ministry or Home Ministry) 
His Excellency (Letter written by Employer company to Malaysian Consulate in Nepal) 
Letter from Nepal Embassy to Labour Department of Nepal 
Notary Public ( Notari awam) 
ID copy of authorized person of Employer Company 
Attested by Nepal Embassy