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Manpower Requisition-receipt and Action

A typical Recruitment programme start with the receipt of Manpower Requisition or job Order from the Client, say for “X” number of employees for “Y” number of categories, Our senior personnel meet immediately. An action plan is chalked out to complete the recruitment within the time frame, required by the client.

Sourcing of Applicants

We use the following sourcing methods,
1. Search of Data Bank
2. Advertisements (When no match is found in the data bank)
3. Canvassing through contacts and word of mouth.

Screening, Evaluation and Initial Interviews

Our professional Technical consultants screens and evaluate the potential candidates Trade and skill tests are conducted where necessary, and initial interviews are made of the short listed applicants. Complete Cvs with our rating sheet are forwarded to the client for further review/evaluation.
Final interviews are conducted with the client’s representative whenever it seems to be necessary for the client.

Trade Testing Facilities

To evaluate hands on job skills, we use the services of reputed and recognized Trade Test Centre in Kathmandu. Only candidates who obtain a grade of A or B are considered or short-listed for employment.

Client Communication

We very strongly believe that every client has right to know about the status of their on-going recruitment at any time. Hence we provide, every client a weekly status report. This report gives detailed information from the day we receive the job description / order till the candidate finally leaves the country to start the job.

Support Services Data Bank

The entire recruitment process is computerized. The most important area of computerization is the data bank. Our data bank is essentially created for the storage and retrieval of CV’s. The data bank being well maintained and updated, enables sourcing of prompt and dependable CVs fast and easy.

Our Service and Responsibility

1. We do the needful to receive the client or his representative at the Airport.
2. We do the proper booking & reservation for them in Hotel.
3. We make arrangement for the representatives of the principals to conduct trade tests and interviews for the candidates.
4. We take care of the medical examination of the candidates.
5. All government formalities will be looked after by us.
6. Service charge and other terms & conditions are negotiable.

Deployment Processing

We complete all the pre-departure formalities like medical examination, visa endorsement, Passport / Immigration clearances, Airline ticketing etc. for the selected candidates.

Orientation Programme

This programme is unique and well structured for the benefit of the selected candidates, prior to departure. The programme includes information about the employer, labour and civic laws of the land, dress, religion and cultural codes prevalent in the country of employment.


Advertisements play a major role in any recruitment process. It helps in reaching to the right candidate at the right location thereby providing a wider selection of candidates. We ensure the correct choice of Newspapers, Business Magazines and the selection of geographical area, using the services of a reputed and professional advertising agency.

Recruitment Procedure

Recruitment procedure varies from country to country. To have an update of the Rules and Regulations for employing Nepalese personnel, it is advisable to consult us with the details of personnel required. This will enable the overseas employers to get first hand information in regard to compliance with various formalities concerning deployment of personnel, present structure or the other modalities to be observed.